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You can do it!

A lot of people who rent are afraid they will not qualify to purchase a property. Therefore, they simply do not try out of FEAR! It's that toxic mix of fear and procrastination that keep you from

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Yes! You need a REALTOR when building a new house...

Sometimes people tend to think that they do not need to partner with a Realtor when building a new construction house! Here are some reasons why this is not really in YOUR best interest...Everyone

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What do you mean I don't have to rent?

Being a Realtor, I come in contact with a lot of people who rent the property they live in.  The more time I spend talking to these people, the more it becomes apparent that sometimes people

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13 Ways to Use Zillow for Lead Generation (Without Advertising)

There are very few names in real estate technology that are as polarizing as Zillow. Agents have mixed opinions on it, but home buyers, sellers and investors continue flocking to it.As a,

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